Friday, March 17, 2006

LRA rebels clashes with Ugandan army, SPLA in Bahr al-Jabal State, S Sudan

The Ugandan army clashed with the LRA rebels in Bahr al-Jabal State southern Sudan. The Sudan People’s Liberations Army (SPLA) seconded the Ugandan army. Causalities were not available to the press, the Juba Post reported Mar 16, 2006. Excerpt:

The LRA rebels who crossed into Lainya County last week entered Mukaya Payam and clashed with UPDF at Warago area North of Yei Kobo river. The UPDF both on the ground and air followed the LRA rebels and the helicopter gunship could be seen scooping in the area of the battle.

According to the executive director of Yei River County Aggrey Cyrus, the LRA rebels were rounded up by both the SPLA Forces and the UPDF.

Boma Administrator of Biri Clement Juma Saimon, said the security situation in his area has grown from bad to worse. Most of the people displaced are in total fear of the next attack as LRA rebels frequently cross through this route. He added that the government must address the issue of insecurity in the area because people are going to face hunger. The cultivation of the land is now disturbed as well as the education of the children.


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