Saturday, March 04, 2006

Uganda's Museveni is the best choice for South Sudan

Excerpt from an opinion piece Mar 3, 2006 by Martine Akwal, a Sudanese residing in Canada:
Egypt is southern Sudanese number one enemy and the enemy of the whole Sudan. Egypt has brain washed and enslaved our brothers in the north. Today, most of our brothers in the north call themselves Arabs not because they are or chose to be, but because Egyptian government made them to believe so. It is using northern government as a tool for controlling river Nile. Egypt is against the idea of giving southern Sudanese population self-autonomy and possibly independence. As I write, I am sure Egypt is working hard against the comprehensive Peace Agreement.

If at all the allegations that SPLA officers were campaigning for Museveni were true, I would say, they did the right thing because we southern Sudanese cannot risk having a new government in Uganda. We don't know whether or not the new leader would survive Egyptians manipulation against southern Sudan. But thank our ancestors, Museveni is back to power for five more years, the exact number of years we southerners need to secede or unit and live with our "black Arab" brothers if only they miraculously change.


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