Friday, May 13, 2005

"Corruption Kills" - Photos from Uganda

Thanks to Bill at Jewels in the Jungle blog for his post on German photographer and friends in Uganda and link to US State Department's background notes on Uganda.

See Jewels in the Jungle's beautiful photos of schoolchildren in southeastern Uganda here and here and my favourite here [you can sense their keen concentration] where I left this comment May 12 for Bill, the Jewel's friendly author aka Black River Eagle:

Dear Bill, This is my favourite photo so far. Interesting to see your posts on Uganda but disappointing to see at first glance that you made no mention (as far as I can tell, I need to re-read) of the world's most neglected humanitarian crisis in northern Uganda where horrific things are happening. I have kept a log of reports over the past eight months at Uganda Watch

Why is northern Uganda so forgotten and neglected, Do you know? I've spent some time searching for blogs from Uganda. The ones I have found so far are in the sidebar at Uganda Watch. More to follow. I'd like to find out why it is such a neglected region - is it maybe because of its reputation for corruption?

The LRA are carrying out horrific violence both within Uganda and over the border in southern Sudan. In the Congo the rebels believe they can gain strength from their victims by cooking and eating them. It seems to me there is too much belief in hocus pocus and magic charms and stuff in Africa.

Libyan leader Col Gaddafi recently labelled the violence by rebels in Sudan as primitive and senseless which I agree with. It will all end in a political solution anyway so why not work on the solution now instead of fighting, maiming and killing and creating so much suffering and trouble.

Hope you get a chance to visit some of the blogs in Uganda and do a blog round up so I can post it at Uganda Watch with links to you. Bye for now. Kind regards from Ingrid at
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"Corruption Kills" sign along the road marking crossing of the equator

Signs along the road

Photo: "Sign along the road" photo taken by Holly Ladd 2004-05-11 using Olympus Camedia C5050.

Photographer's note: This sign was at a marked crossing of the equator that we passed on the way to Rakai.

Courtesy Trekearth.


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