Monday, December 19, 2005

Democracy and African nations: The Answer or the Disaster?

Next year in Uganda, an election is due to take place. Please note important blog Museveni OUT Campaign and read ITS TIME FOR MUSEVENI TO GO! It reminds readers that Museveni came to power by overturning a legally established government by use of force of arms, and even if opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye is kept behind bards throughout the elections, 'his supporters can still cast a clear and overwhelming protest vote in favor of a change in leadership for Uganda'.

Also, note Dr D's Human rights 4 all-Africa blog and interesting comments at post on Africa's ability to handle democracy or not.

Dr. D is an Associate Professor of Government at Franklin & Marshall College and specialises in human rights and African politics.

[My thoughts are democracy could work if all the crazy men that Africans allow to rule their countries were deposed and replaced with strong African women. Note Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's story and how Africa's first female president is ready to repay a favour.]

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