Thursday, January 26, 2006

Uganda tells UN it wants to fight rebels in E Congo too

The Ugandan military is ready to "deal with" rebels in neighboring Congo who killed eight U.N. soldiers this week, President Yoweri Museveni said on Thursday.
"We told the U.N. they should allow us to go and deal with them in Congo, because we know how to fight those criminals," Museveni said during celebrations at an airfield marking two decades since his National Resistance Movement seized power.

"They didn't listen to us," he added.

"The other day I saw (the LRA) had killed some of their people ... We are ready, if the Congolese government and the U.N. want us to deal with that issue, we shall deal with it."

He thanked the Sudanese government and former rebels of the Sudan People's Liberation Army for letting Ugandan troops operate in southern Sudan, where the LRA has hideouts.
Full report CNN Jan 26, 2006.

Murdered UN peacekeepers

Photo: Workers in Uganda Tuesday offload caskets holding bodies of UN peacekeepers killed in the Congo. (AFP/CNN)

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