Tuesday, May 30, 2006

UN Mission in Sudan wants info on LRA's Kony

At long last, questions are being asked about who funds Kony and his terrorist group the LRA and how come he hasn't been caught yet.

Reuters report (Evelyn Leopold) May 30, 2006 - excerpt:
In southern Sudan, where the UN already has a peacekeeping force, [British Ambassador] Jones Parry said the [UN in southern Sudan] mission wanted information on Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army.

He said he wanted to ask Kony "questions about his funding and how he manages without much hindrance to move as freely as he does."

Reuters last week obtained an exclusive video that showed Kony taking $20,000 in cash from the No. 2 of the ex-rebel Southern People's Liberation Movement.

The cooperation of the SPLM, a sworn enemy of Kony in the past, had been viewed as key to helping hunt him down. He had been supported by Khartoum during its three-decade civil war with the SPLM in the south.

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