Thursday, June 22, 2006

Joseph Kony (LRA), exposed - First picture, after more than a decade

UN SGSR Jan Pronk discusses "how to approach the Lord's Resistance Army? Is it possible to defeat them militarily or should we try to find a political solution? What comes first: justice or peace? Who should decide?"

Read more at Jan Pronk Weblog June 19, 2006.

Joseph Kony (LRA), exposed

First picture, after more than a decade, of Joseph Kony, leader of the nefarious Lord Resistance Army. The picture shows Kony (l), and his second in command Vince Otty (r). In the middle: Riek Machar, Vice President Government of South Sudan".

Kony has asked the Government of Southern Sudan to facilitate talks between him and President Museveni of Uganda, claiming that he would wish to put an end to his twenty year war with Uganda. Kony and Otty have been indicted by the International Criminal Court.

Photo and text courtesy May 30, 2006 Jan Pronk Weblog - Joseph Kony (LRA), exposed.

June 21 2006 Sudan wants ICC Kony trial delayed. [As noted preivously here at Uganda Watch, the U.S. views Kony's LRA as a terrorist organisation]


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Anonymous said...

I am very proud of our brothers in southern sudan, welldone for ensuring that your brother comes fast and not ICC.May God bless you.May God bless Kony and may he leads the people of Acholi out of Museveni's way.

Anonymous said...

God won't bless an Anti-Christ. Kony's actions clearly depicts someone sent from Satan. God would never send a terrorist murderer to do God's work. One will be judged by the fruit that one produces, and Kony’s fruit is murder, chaos and fear. How does that compare with the 10 Commandments that he apparently want Uganda ruled by?

jake said...

He won't end the war.
He's done this so many times.
He says he will, sets up a location and doesn't show up.
It's happened over 63 times.
Who knows when this will end.