Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Britain appeals to Uganda to intervene in Zimbabwe crisis & help in Darfur Sudan

From Africa Press Agency (APA-Kampala, Uganda 11 March 2009:
Britain appeals to Uganda to intervene in Zimbabwe crisis
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appealed to visiting Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni to intervene in the Zimbabwe situation to provide a road map to the restoration of democracy.

Museveni is the current chairman for the Commonwealth, a 53-member organization of countries formerly colonized by Britain.

According to a press release from State House on Tuesday, Museveni told his host that there was need to give time to the coalition government in Harare to restore full democracy.

Museveni was optimistic that the coalition government in Zimbabwe will help to address the economic problems of that country.

Gordon [Brown] also wanted President Museveni to help in Darfur and to ensure that the Sudanese government implements the comprehensive peace agreement signed between Sudan and the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army which the Khartoum government has not implemented fully.

Meanwhile, Museveni has condemned the recent attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan.

In a meeting with Commonwealth secretary general Kamalesh Sharma in London on Tuesday, Museveni strongly condemned the attack during which the players’ bus was sprinkled with bullets on the way to the pitch.

He said that the Commonwealth should condemn all terrorist acts against innocent people. JM/pm/APA

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