Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) denies presence of Kony in Darfur or Khartoum

SAF Denies Presence of Kony in Darfur or Khartoum
Report from SRS (Sudan Radio Service) Tuesday, 16 March 2010:
16 March 2010 - (Khartoum) - The official spokesperson of the Sudan Armed Forces, Khalid al-Sawarmi has denied a report by the French news agency AFP that members of the Lord’s Resistance Army are in Darfur.

Speaking to SRS on Tuesday from Khartoum al-Sawarmi strongly denied the presence of LRA rebels in the region.

[Khalid al-Sawarmi] “They are not in Darfur, that is not true and it is not right, the information did not come from a credible source. You can investigate to find out whether the issue is true or false. And we are going to also find out although Darfur is very far away from Uganda. Saying that the LRA can go up to there is not true.”

Khalid al-Sawarmi added that Uganda and Sudan enjoy good bilateral relations, saying that GONU is now looking for Joseph Kony and his hideouts.

[Khalid al-Sawarmi]: “It is not true at all to say that Joseph Kony ran to Khartoum. Kony is neither in Khartoum nor in Darfur and we don’t have any relationship with the LRA, we are even looking for Kony by all means. He can not hide in Khartoum or in Darfur. The relationship between the Sudan Armed forces and Ugandan Army is very excellent and we have somebody that’s in charge of our military affairs in Kampala and there’s also a Ugandan official here in Khartoum who handles all the affairs of the Ugandan Army and anything to do with armies of the two countries is alright.”

Sudan Armed Forces spokesman Khalid al-Sawarmi was speaking to SRS from Khartoum on Tuesday.

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