Saturday, May 22, 2010

African ingenuity: Who would have thought to use a jerrican as a boombox! That’s just beyond mad genius

Here is the most enjoyable video ever publicised at Uganda Watch. I found it online at AfriGadget's blogpost [ ] 20 May 2010 entitled "Genius strikes again: kids in village build radio from scrap parts".

Note the video's caption:
"Kids builds a working radio from scraps in a day
My brother Caleb, and my nephews Ronald and Jesse built a radio from spare parts in one day for their boys quarters club house. All without instructions or guidance. Just through the pure process of trial and error. What else could these kids build with a soldering iron and a few lines of code. Wish I had the money to buy them some starter kits"
Hat tip: Erik Hersman's tweet at 6:06 AM May 20th via Twitter for iPhone
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