Friday, December 10, 2010

FXB Uganda: Beads from Beneficiaries - Necklaces that Change Lives

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Beads from Beneficiaries is an opportunity for supporters to celebrate this holiday season by sending a heartfelt gift with the power to lift a family out of poverty – and it’s wrapping up next Friday, December 17th. Those who make a $10 donation to FXB in honor of their friends and family, will be sent a card informing their honoree of their gift! As a special touch, for individuals who donate $40 we will send a handmade, gift-wrapped beaded necklace made by a woman enrolled in FXB's program in Uganda along with the card.

Each beautiful beaded necklace represents an environmentally and socially responsible solution to overcoming the affects of poverty and AIDS. The women in FXB’s programs often have no means of earning an income prior to joining the FXB-Village program. Many are widows and mothers struggling to support the children in their care. FXB provides these women with the tools they need to become self-sufficient, including skills training and supplies to start a new trade.

Many of FXB’s beneficiaries choose to make necklaces by hand from recycled paper and glass beads as their income generating activity. Colorful paper is hand rolled to create festive beads, giving each necklace a unique appearance. The income these women make selling their crafts at the local markets allows them to feed their families, buy uniforms and pay school fees for their children, receive medical treatment, and open savings accounts to prepare for the future!

Your thoughtful gift this holiday season will help FXB provide a comprehensive package of support to more families so that they may escape poverty forever.

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FXB's Beads from Beneficiaries

Photo of mothers in Uganda making necklaces by hand to earn an income. Your donation will help FXB continue to provide medical, nutritional, psychological, and educational support and other services to these women and their families so they can escape poverty.

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