Saturday, August 27, 2005

Twenty New Camps to be Created in Pader District

Michael at Uganda-CAN August 26, 2005 reveals:

Twenty New Camps to be Created in Pader District:
Uganda's New Vision reports that the government representative in Pader District--currently the district in northern Uganda most devastated by the war--has announced that twenty new camps for Ugandans displaced by the conflict are to be created.

Resident District Commissioner of Pader Sylvester Opira noted that construction of new camps would relieve congestion in existing camps, allow displaced people to move closer to their homes to harvest food on their land, and dispel ideas that the Government of Uganda hopes to seize the lands for its own use or profit.

Uganda-CAN is currently exploring prospects for complete dismantling of the camps. Civil conflicts in Uganda's past have all been dealt with without needing to confine locals to camps, and conditions in the camps breed disease and despair. It is unclear what the implications for civilian protection and peacebuilding would be if such a move were made.



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