Friday, August 19, 2005

Uganda: Fight for Souls: Christians Take On Witchdoctors in Kawempe

Just as I got to thinking about how too many Africans believe in hocus pocus, I came across Steven's post about an article on Uganda at AllAfrica saying Christians Take On Witchdoctors in Kawempe. Excerpt:
"Dr." Moses Kiwanda is one of the most recognised witchdoctors in Kawempe Division and he has no qualms revealing their strategy.

Kiwanda says that the witchdoctors see the church - specifically the Born Agains - as opponents that must be fought.

He intimates that they too will in the near future begin holding public gatherings to preach their message, very much similar to the gospel crusades that the Born again churches are famed for.

"And we shall also go from door to door telling people what we can do, just like these Born Agains are doing" he says.
How sad.



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