Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Uganda's LRA rebels in daylight ambush

LRA rebels are suspected of ambushing a civilian pick up truck in north east Uganda, shooting the driver and two passengers, and killing a fourth with an axe, says a BBC report October 4, 2005.

The BBC report states DR Congo has warned Uganda not to try to disarm an LRA force in its territory. Excerpts:
In recent days, our correspondent says, hundreds of people fled their homes after suspected LRA rebels burnt down up to 200 huts in the east of Uganda in Teso region - an area which has been relatively free from LRA attacks for almost two years.

Last Thursday four farmers were killed near Palenga in Gulu district - their bodies hacked with machetes.

Some 450km away in the north-east of the DR Congo another group of the LRA continues to keep the Ugandan military busy. Trucks full of soldiers and military hardware have been moved to the Congolese border. The army says this is a precautionary measure to prevent LRA rebels who recently crossed into DR Congo from attacking Ugandan civilians.

Last week, Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni said if the Congolese authorities failed to disarm LRA members, the Ugandan army would enter neighbouring Congo to do so.

[DRC UN Ambassador] Mr Ileka asked the Security Council to impose sanctions on Uganda including an arms embargo and the suspension of international aid.

Note, the report ends by saying "the UN mission in DR Congo has said it intends to use all means necessary to drive out the LRA group."


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