Sunday, October 30, 2005

US and UK military experts seek to help in anti-LRA campaign?

Via Uganda-CAN:

Today's Daily Monitor reports US and British military experts have joined the hunt for leaders of the Lord's Resistance Army. According to the report:

"On 18 October, experts traversed West Nile to scour intelligence leads and assess the prevailing security situation in the region.

This military reconnaissance follows reported infiltration of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels into the jungles of the neighbouring Oriental province of northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo and parts of southern Sudan. There have been rising fears in local security circles that the rebels could launch a military offensive in parts of northwestern Ugandan anytime, inspite of thousands of Ugandan troops amassed to shield the porous frontier areas with the two countries.

A source said the military attaches were on the ground to assess UPDFs capability and explore how their respective governments could help bolster the anti-LRA campaign. They visited Koboko district and Oraba Customs Post at the Uganda/Sudan border."


Jared S said...

Can you post a link to

1a) any documents from western countries discussing direct military intervention (troops rather than reconnaissance)

1b) any further documents from western countries discussing reconnaissance/training/other military assistance

2) any documents from the AU discussing direct military intervention

3) more information on international military presence in the area

4) more information on international peacekeeping presence in the area


Anonymous said...

Any indication as to how this has affected life for the Acholi? I've found no such reports, but am wondering if Kony is now on the run, or if he still terrorizes the Acholi people as before.
-Kung fu Librarian