Saturday, October 22, 2005

Uganda's young night commuters and Gulu Walk Day

Thanks to Bill at Jewels in the Jungle for a special round up of news in honour of Gulu Walk Day.

See more on the "night commuters" -- children who flee their villages or camps every evening in order to find a safer place to sleep, usually in the streets of larger towns and cities. In May, the UN said there were about 42,000 ...

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Black River Eagle said...

Thanks for the Hat Tip Ingrid re: that post on Jimmy and Gulu Walk Day. Did you view that video from Ruud Elmendorp? I'm crazy about that little guy Jimmy, he's so bright and articulate about the circumstances he faces everyday.

BTW, you are supposed to be resting from blogging and the like from what I heard (or read), aren't you? 6 weeks if I'm not mistaken. It will do you a world of good. Ciao.